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Name:Jean (OC)
Birthdate:Mar 12
Never been bottled; wouldn't be sold.

Jean is, to put it simply, a genie. And a failure.

To put it less simply, she is the result of genetic testing on the genie genome, combining numerous genetics in order to create a genie less dependent upon human wishes - a "Better genie."

The result was Jean; relatively strong, but otherwise average.

She was labeled as a failure, to be bottled and given to her buyers/guardians with apologies - but Jean had different ideas, and chose to simply leave. She's free - As of 10/5/2011, 11:30 AM. - and she's gonna STAY that way.

I mean, come on - cosmic girl with a craving to grant wishes. Her story's just starting. :)

NOTE: Because Jean was never bottled, she is not limited to one master. If she hears a wish? She grants it (in some form or another.)

FAQ for the exceptionally curious (keeping in mind that I have not strictly kept to any myths or movies):
What are Jean's powers and limitations?
Is there any difference between a genie and a djinn?
What's Jean's natural form?
What do family's look like genies like Jean?
Do genies have a society?
What's with the bottles?
Who is Jean's Mother??
What went into Jean's genetics?
Who were Jean's buyers?

Question not answered? Just ask; it might be in the back of my head somewhere, or I might have to figure it out... but details are always good to have. :)

(Mun and muse are legal.

To be more specific: muse... was pretty much created at 18 to begin with.

On adult communities, I ALSO play her as having been alive for a full eighteen years, but merely to save on the quandary that sometimes comes up when it comes to magic and ages. >,> )

Jean is actually a pretty old OC of mine - I first made her some five years ago; she's been incarnated in various roles, since; with all the djinn running about, she started kicking in the back of my head again, so I thought I'd give her a fresh start. :) )

DISCLAIMERS: I am not Jane Randall, nor am I Jean.

Though the muse was somewhat influenced by I Dream of Genie, there is little connection between them other than in colorings. (Blonds who turn into pink smoke.)
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